What is a virtual office and why does your business need one?

A virtual office provides a business with a registered address and different services without the need for physical office space. A virtual office can offer telephone answering, mail holding, mail forwarding (including overseas) and meeting rooms. By using a virtual office, a company can be registered to a professional city centre address and therefore give of the impression of expertise in the field, respectability and stableness.


Additionally, for companies based at home the use of a virtual office means they are able to keep their home and business separate and also increase privacy. One huge advantage of a virtual office is that you are able to keep your business outgoings to a minimum by not having to pay for rent in a city where that is ever increasing, or maintain its standards either. Whilst retaining the image of a traditional fixed office.


One example of a business that started in a virtual office was Leftover Currency. Their CEO chose to use a virtual office in Central London as he saw it as “a perfect starting point to getting his business of the ground”. Leftover Currency avoided the outgoings of rent during the start-up phase of the business and gained a professional image and trustworthy address. This therefore shows his business was affected positively through the use of a virtual office, he saved money at the start and was then able to open a second office in which additional staff work from as well as keeping his main Central London address.


A virtual office can help your business make the best possible first impression. In a world where fast technology is at our fingertips it is so easy for clients to use a map to see exactly where you are based, so why not make potential clients first impression of you the best it can be whilst intimidating your competitors.