Why do I need a Registered Office address?

Are you creating a limited company? Do you already have an existing limited company?
At Best Virtual Offices, along with our other business services, we offer you a registered office address service.
If you are in the stages of creating a new limited company, it is mandatory to be registered to a UK address, which is then deemed as your ‘registered office’ address.

When starting up a new business it is common for people to often choose to use their home address as their registered address. By doing this it seems logical to have all your post sent directly to you, you also don’t have any extra expenses of renting office space.
Conversely one of the major problems that arise here is privacy issues. With technologies like Google street view, anyone can research a company through Companies House that will show all your personal details and therefore your home address is open to the public.

If you already registered as an established company, you can easily change your registered office address to one of ours by filling out an AD01 form this can be found on the Companies House website.

By purchasing this service with us, you will be authorised to display the office address on all of your business communications, i.e. website, business cards, letterheads etc.

You can choose where you want your registered address to be from one of addresses, or contact us for more information about our services and how they can benefit you.